POSTS; Rebuttal of the Pontillo and Cipolla Facts from Patrick A Pontillo


Cardinal Donald Wuerl knew all the way back in 1988 that Fr. Anthony Cipolla was a child molester and well aware that a previous "cover-up" the hierarchy of the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese in 1978. I 'm ashamed that my Church treated my son's so callously and kept that secret for fourty years. This allowed Fr Anthony J. Cipolla  to scam and molest more young boys. . .until he hit that tree in a church yard the day after his 73rd birthday. Immediatrely after being told that the Pennsylvania Grand Jury was ready to expose him and the Famous Journalist Randy Engel was getting ready to release his secrets. The jig was 2017. Cipolla and some of his followers tormented us for darn near fourty years.

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with Cipolla's and Pontillo's lies.

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Irrefutable Proof that Pontillo lies…